Don’t Blow Your Vacation Budget on These Hidden Costs

Everyone loves a good summer vacation. You get to see new sights, eat new food, and hopefully enjoy some great weather. But while you’re indulging, there’s one thing you don’t want to go overboard on—the cost of your trip.

4 Vacation Costs You’ll Want to Avoid

When you know a little more about the different ways some companies try to add to your final bill, you’ll be able to avoid any unnecessary surprises. Ask the right questions and do your research before making plans. Then you’ll be able to get the best deal on every aspect of your trip.

1. Boarding Your Flight

Airlines will sometimes track your search history to see where and when you’re looking to fly. After that, they might try bumping up the price for your flight. That’s why it’s smart to check for flights in private or “incognito” windows on your web browser. This can stop companies from gathering extra data on your plans. If nothing else, consider booking your flight on a different computer to stop the changing rates.

It’s also wise to keep an eye on your baggage weight while you pack. It’s normal to want to avoid the extra costs for checked bags. But that doesn’t automatically mean you can just stuff one bag instead of bringing two. Your airline might have weight restrictions for your luggage, so check their guidelines before you head out.

2. Rental Car Costs

If you’re planning to rent a car for your trip, think twice about getting additional insurance. Sometimes rental car companies will want to upsell you on insurance. When your regular auto insurance already covers rentals, you’ll just be paying more for no reason. A quick phone call to your agent can help clear up any questions before you make rental plans.

You’ll also want to consider who will be driving the car. There may be an extra daily fee if you list more than one driver on your account. If possible, try to stick to only one person for driving. Then you’ll avoid this add-on expense.

3. Booking Your Hotel

There can also be hidden costs associated with your hotel choice. If you compare the rates between a high-end resort and a standard hotel in the same area, you might be surprised to see a similar nightly total. Be sure to read the fine print. Odds are, there will be additional fees on your fancy resort bill when you’re ready to check out. Asking about the full costs ahead of time can help you stay within budget.

Your hotel may also have some hidden costs in the parking garage, especially if you’re vacationing in a big city. Make sure you understand the nightly rates connected with your room and run the numbers for different parking options before you plan your stay. Sometimes ride-share options are better in the long run than a rental for your trip. It just depends on your plans.

4. Foreign Transaction Fees

Last but not least, if you’re going to travel outside of the country, talk with your bank and credit card companies to make sure you won’t have any foreign transaction fees. If you aren’t careful, these can really add up. It might be worth investigating other cards or accounts to avoid these surcharges.

Your vacation should be full of fun memories—not worries about money. Following these tips can keep you in the clear for a great time. Once you’re back, you can always reach out to our team at NSO and Company to run the numbers on the rest of your budget. Just give us a call at (317) 588-3131 if you have any questions. And enjoy the summer!