Best Practices for Handling Your Company’s Online Reviews

It’s rare to come across a business owner who isn’t looking to grow. When we believe in our work and quality of service, we obviously want to reach more people. Of course, it isn’t always easy—even with all of the business advice floating around today. That’s why it can help to stick to the basics. One of the best practices is to focus on your online reviews. Boosting these stats can help prospects trust your business before they even work with you. Plus, it’s free!


Improving Your Company’s Online Reputation

The first step for collecting great reviews is to actually have profiles built on the major platforms. You need to make sure your company is represented on Google My Business, Yelp, and any other local search platforms that your customers might be using. If you don’t already have profile pages on these websites, that’s your square one.

You might also want to consider setting up a Facebook business page. This can be another easy place for your past and current clients to leave feedback about your company. Plus, having your business displayed in multiple places online (and not just through your own website) gives search engines more opportunities to find you. Then your company’s information can be shared with more people who are actively searching for what you offer.


Encourage Honest Feedback in Reviews

Once your business is represented in those online directories, it’s time to ask for reviews. You can’t always sit back and assume your customers will write about their experience with you on their own. A little nudge can make a big difference. 

Taking the time to send a personal request, ideally with a link to the review site you’re looking to build upon, can be a big game changer. If you keep the process simple, you should be able to start gathering more reviews from your top customers. Getting a solid system in place is important for consistency. Maybe you want to send a follow-up email one week after each service or transaction with a new client. Or you might think about requesting feedback in-person. Experimenting with a few different options can help you find the right process for your business. 

Along the way, don’t forget to follow-up on any bad reviews you receive. These are actually great ways to demonstrate your customer service policies. If someone is upset enough to write a complaint, you need to respond as soon as possible. A sincere apology and a suggestion for a resolution (whether a discount, refund, or something else) can help clear the air and defend your reputation not only for that client, but your future business opportunities too.


Organize the Rest of Your Business Accounts

Maintaining your company’s online presence is a key part of expanding your reach. But as you grow, you also need to be prepared for other changes that will happen with your business internally. When you have more happy customers, you’ll probably be doing more business. That could mean you need to hire new employees, move to a new location, or figure out a way to raise your rates.

All of those questions relate back to your company’s bottom line. Without a solid understanding of your business accounting needs, it’s easy to feel a little confused about how to structure your business from year to year. Whether you need help managing your business tax records or monthly bookkeeping, know thatNSO and Companyis here to help. You can always call us at (317) 588-3131. We’ll be happy to work with you and run the numbers on how to grow your business effectivel